Both healthy and economic…
We are constantly developing new technologies for heating with our engineers and professional staff.

SMYRNA Series and BREZZA use wood which is safe and clean fuel and offer high heat performance.

SMYRNA and SMYRNA ŞÖMİNE positioned in the room that is always used in the house, allows the heating of the entire house by heating cores in all rooms thanks to the installations.

BREZZA provides air heating in the environment very quickly and in a healthy way with the specially designed fan system, unlike the other.

SMYRNA Series and BREZZA, offer the advantages of wood burning stove in your home while providing a decorative appearance in your place with the technology and nostalgic design..

Prepare chestnuts..
Technical Specifications

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SMYRNA (Kuzineli)
SMYRNA (Battal)
   7 mtl radiator
11 mtl radiator
13 mtl radiator
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Please consult our company...
Please consult our company...