» Fuel and Installation Information


The most appropriate way to perform the external surface cleaning is cleaning with warm water and soap, instead of sharp objects and chemical substances.

Do not open the lids while the flame is burning. Do not leave the lids open.

Do not put your fuel into the boiler inside the melting materials like sack or plastic bag. It will cause harm to the movable grate mechanism.

Use clean fuel. Do not use wet or moist coal.

Never use your boilers in closed retort connected assemblies. Warn your assembler.

If your flue draughts well, adjust the flue valve. Boiler temperature may rise and the boiler may rise on steam due to the unadjusted valves.

Pay attention to flooding proces into the boiler when the boiler is in cold state.

When flooding water into the water, make the hose flow free for a while. The air inside the hose causes damage to the system.

Do not lose the usage manual, we recommend you to make use of it when needed.

Following the steps stated in the manual will prolong the efficiency and life of your boiler.

Use your boiler in compliance with the instructions given by our authorized service when it was being delivered to you running with correct settings. Do not adjust its settings without informing the service.

Upon the correct installation of the device and water injection to the fixture, Yağmur Authorized Service should be informed and the first run of the device should be requested.

Do not deaerate the fixture when the pump is active.

Please buy your fuel before calling the service for the first run.


Please do not forget that the quality of the fuel you use will affect the boiler efficiency, burning quality, the amount of ash, cleaning time and the amount of the fuel you consume. High calorie coal can cause damage to cast and sheet metal. Do not use powedered, wet or coking coal.


The device should not be installed in places in contact with water or humid locations.

If the device is installed in outdoor places, adequate protection should be provided. (it should be protected against external conditions like rain or sunlight)

The device should be mounted in places where it can receive enough ventilation for burning.The device should be assembled in such a way that is available for controlling and service operation.

The assembler company should mount assemble the device according to all the instructions and warnings given in this manual. Otherwise the assembler company will be liable for problems that may arise. Any connection exposed to the external environment like fixtures, hot water and flue should be isolated.

Flue is one of the most important elements of the system. An efficient burning shouldn’t be expected in a place without a good flue.

The fixture should start with the external dimensions of the device and it should be applied shrinking gradually but the fixture dimensions shouldn’t be less than ¾” until the last radiator set.

Water inlets and outlets of radiators should be cross- connected.

An air relief cock should be installed in each radiator set.

An appropriate expansion tank should be mounted on top of the fixture.

Ball valves should be mounted on the send and return lines of the device.

Circulation pump should be mounted on the send or return lines in a way that it pumps into the boiler.

Insulation of flue connections should be ensured.

Flue connections should be made in suitable dimensions with the output dimensions of the device and the section of flue shouldn’t be narrowed down.

It is crucial to establish ground connection of the device.

The device should not be exposed to voltage fluctuations. YAĞMUR TEKNİK shall not be liable for the harm that may be caused on humans, animals or objects due to the failure to establish proper electrical and ground connections.

If the boiler is being mounted in a confined space, there should be a ventilation window.

The boiler should be mounted on its scale and should stand on a level surface. In central systems, it should sit on a pedestal with a minimum height of 25cm.

There should be no valves, check valves or filters installed on the pipes between the boiler and the expansion.

Do not, under any circumstances, use your boiler with the installation connected with closed expansion. Warn your assembler. Systems with closed expansion connections are not covered under warranty. The device is considered out of warranty. Yağmur Teknik shall not be held liable for the problems arising from closed expansion.


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