It can be used in places requiring steam and steam heating such as laundry, textile workshops, hotels, food industry.


YTBJ steam generators are horizontal type and produces steam in 3-5 minutes as per the demanded capacities. The coil is water-piped and constitutes interlocking double row.

It minimalizes the fuel consumption due to its design and rapid operation.

Its water volume is too small. The water, provided with pressurized pump, is steamed with the flame and fume gases surrounding of the coil.

The generator body is covered with incombustible paint and insulated with rock wool. It is covered with static-painted plate.

YTBJ steam generators are in form of packet system. All the connections on the system are performed and all the safety fittings are ready.

Steam generator has not risk of explosion.

There is no harm to place within the building as per Article 2.11 of TS 2736, Appendix 2.

Steam generators are designed for Diesel, Biodiesel, Fuel-oil in liquid fuel and for natural gas (LNG, CNG) and
LPG in gas fuel as per the fuel types.

Our safety system includes safety valve, pressurestat, steam and fume gas thermostats, flow controls and minimum level electrode
of condense water

They are manufactured in standard operation pressure interval of 3-10 bar

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